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Hey, guys, just letting you know I've got Bruce's first book "If Chins Could Kill" for sale on Ebay. Swell condition, but it's just taking up space on my bookshelf!

Check it out here with my other stuff! Thanks so much!

Boomstick upgrade!

BAGHDAD, Iraq – On television, actor Jeff Donovan plays a defunct spy who has expertise in explosives and weapons.

Recently, however, at Combat Outpost Meade, south of Baghdad, it was Donovan who took pointers from the Soldiers of 113th Field Artillery Battalion, 30th Heavy Brigade Combat Team.

Donovan was accompanied by Don Campbell, military advisor for the tour, and Bruce Campbell, Don Campbell's brother, and also a cast mate of Donovan.

Bruce Campbell is a star in his own right, from films such as, "Army of Darkness," and "Bubba Hotep." Both Donovan and Bruce Campbell appear on the USA network television show, "Burn Notice."

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Totes nabbed from ohnotheydidnt
Evil Dead Earrings

Just incase your interested I'm selling Evil Dead Earrings featuring Bruce Campbell.

Only $6.50
order here

Many more can be found at my etsy www.ratiganzombie.etsy.com

2008 Rondo Awards Voting is Open!


7th Annual Rondo Hatton
Classic Horror Awards
Voting ends March 21, 2009




This year's awards are dedicated to the memory and
legacy of Forrest J Ackerman, the World's No. 1 Monster Fan

TO VOTE: Simply cut-and-paste, check or highlight your picks, or type out your
selections, with your name, to taraco@aol.com
You do not have to vote on everything. And one vote per monster. Thanks everyone!
(Please remember to include your name so your ballot can be counted)

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Nov. 4th, 2008

Letting everyone know that I am selling my copy of "Bruce Campbell VS the Army of Darkness!"

Blasphemy! You say.

Check it out! I say.

And I can say what I want. I'm mod. So Nyah.

My Name Is Bruce tour dates

From here

Dates for the theatrical release of "My Name Is Bruce" have finally been announced. Bruce Campbell himself, aka "the man", will be making personal appearances in multiple cities to launch the greatest film directed by and starring Bruce Campbell released this year!

Pictures from "My name is Bruce"

Ugh, come out already, movie!!

So here's the link.

Cuz Flicker sucks ass.


For those of you who haven't seen...

I know this place has been kinda dead. My bad.

But it's gonna be on FIRE soon! ...Or else... I'll... do something... icon contest or... I dunno.

I'm just saying. If this doesn't get your spark ignited then there is no hope for our future:

The Trailer of My Name Is Bruce


I love the "Ted Raimi, Ted Raimi, and Ted Raimi."

And yay for normal looking Ted!
So, I've got this geek community (which I'm not advertising) and I like giving all of my comms their own unique mood themes. Under crazy I currently have the man himself:

Just thought you might like this lil' guy.


I totally stole this link from lizamarie. But is okay. She friend.

Burn, Bubba.

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