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Ash Will Be Evident In 'My Name Is Bruce'

Credit for the story goes to: Bruce Campbell News Central

Writer of the upcoming Bruce Campbell movie My Name Is Bruce, Mark Verheiden, did a interview with Comic Book Resources over the weekend and give us an update on the film. Verhedien said that the rural town-folk in the movie will recognize Bruce as playing "Ash" from the Evil Dead movies and not a fictional character from a made up "B" movie. Here is an excerpt of Verheiden's response to the last project he finished:

It's called 'My Name is Bruce', starring Bruce Campbell. It's a screwy comedy starring and directed by Bruce. He plays a stuck-up, forgotten B-horror movie actor who gets kidnapped and brought out to this small town of idiots who think he is the embodiment of "Ash" from the "Evil Dead" movies. They want him to kill a very real monster, and he thinks it's all an elaborate birthday gift arranged by his sleazy agent. It was produced by Dark Horse Indie, their lower-budget film division. We shot it in August and it should be coming out later this year."

So Verheiden shuts down the rumors once again that My Name Is Bruce will be coming out in February. Looks like we have to wait a little bit longer for the film. Verheiden also goes onto talk about the Evil Dead comic that he is working on and his work on Battlestar Galactica. You can read the full article here.

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Da Bruce

In an Old Spice commercial?

Bruce Old Spice

I'm sure most of us have already seen or heard about the Bruce Campbell Old Spice commerical. I was wondering if anyone notice a specific set dressing?

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Bruce Campbell

I just saw the funniest ad... on Comedy Central.
If him in his "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" attire.
For Old Spice. Apparently he is the new spokesman!
Bruce Campbell and Quentin Taratino as nurses.

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Who's dream is this?

Duane Whitaker's, that's who!

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